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How do I poll to find equipment connected to a PXI chassis?

I am looking for a way to poll a PXI chassis and determine what is connected.  I can do this for equipment on a GPIB interface but not for PXI. 
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Howdy Boerg,

I found a KnowledgeBase article describing how to programmatically detect your PXI modules.  I hope this helps!

Chris G in AE
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How about something for a PXI8431/2.  The Knowledgebase was helpful for switches ( 2568,2584, etc) .  My Serial card shows up differently in MAX.  I don't have slot #'s yet its a PXI Card.  All I'm trying to do is kind of "Health and Wellness" check of my Chassis before we begin testing.  I used the PXI Slot Detection vi for the switches and that was great. I knew the slot # from MAX and compared it to what was "measured" in LV8.5.   Now I need something for the Serial Card.
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Mr. Eastwood

The VI you're looking for is the VISA Find Resource.  Running this will give you a list of every VISA resource, including your serial ports, that can be opened on your machine.   Post back if you have any more questions, and have a great day!

Chris G in AE
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Hi Chris,

I tried running the VISA Find Resource and it does not return all the PXI modules that are in my chasis it returns:

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The find visa resourse vi that I was sent works for the COM Ports.  It returns an array of strings.  There is another vi someone pointed me to in the Knowledge Based Website that will tell you what slots the other cards ( PXI) are in.  Search for "Programmatic Slot Detection of PXI Instruments"  At the bottom of the explaination is a vi example code.


Try this link:


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Hey Clint (love all your movies by the way)

Yeah, I came across that vi yesterday, but it isn't exactly what I'm looking for.  According to the orginal question by Boerg he just wants to poll ("who and what's out there?") and get everything back and that's where I am at too.  When you open up MAX all your devices are listed there in neat order, GPIB, PXI, etc. and I just wanted a simple vi that would report to me all the PXI modules connected and their slot number.

Have you been able to get that VISA find resources to report to you all the pxi info?




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I've left the glamor of movies to do LabView.
I don't think you'll get a single vi to get everything thats in the PXI Chassis they way MAX displays it.  When I first got the "Programmatic PXI Slot Detection.vi" I thought it would give me everything in one vi  I now have 2 vi's, the slot detection one and the VISA find resource one.  I still have to put in a GPIB Card in my PXI Chassis and expect I'll have a 3rd vi to do that.  I am by no means as knowledgeable as some of these guys so it maybe possible to do what you and I want but no has responded yet.  Its not too bad for me because I'm using TS and know where each device should be so I just check in LV and hardcode the pass/fail in TS.
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So do you have some code that will poll the pxi module info?
you can create an xml report from labview using canned MAX vi's.  It's harry, but I am now working on a parsing vi that will parse the MAX XML report and give me the pxi module info.
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Like I said I have 2 vis and will probably have three when I try and read GPIB.  I still don't understand why there is seperate "trees" in MAX.  One for the serial and one for the (my) relay cards.


This is the link I was given by a previous post:



Here is the vi if you want to skip the info

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