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How do I connect my NI USB-6259 properly to SCXI?

I have

a NI USB-6259 DAQ Module

a SCXI-1001 Chassis

3 SCXI-1143 8 Channel Low Pass Filter Modules


a SCXI-1180 Front End Plate


I use a SH68-68-EPM Cable for Connecting the USB-6259(Connector 0) to a SCXI-1349.


Is it wise to use another Cable to connect Connector 1 of the USB-6529 to a SCXI-1349 mounted on the same chassis to get parallel operation?

Can I detect with my USB Module all 24(3x 8 Channel Lowpass) in Single Ended Operation with only one cable?



Thank you,







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Hi Alex,


I'm sorry you had to wait for an answer for quite a long time.


To be honest, I don't really get your question.
One AI Input for the Cable on the USB 6259 has the range for 16 Signals.
So you can't send 24 Signals in one cable, as long as you don't add the signals in diferrent frequencies

and seperate them afterwards programatically..

But if you just want to get the Signal in the normal way you would need 2 cables for that.


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Ok,  so I need a 2nd cable.

have 24 analogue inputs(Low Pass Filters) at the SCXI Chassis and if i want to use them all. I would need a 2nd cable.


I've heard that somehow it will be multiplexed, so I wasn't sure but you are right on Connector I there are only 16 analoge In and on Connector II there are the rest.





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