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How can i use new PXIe-8840 for same project which was used at NI PXIe-8133?


I am using a project which was run and working properly using NI PXIe 8133, Now i want to use the same project at NI PXIe 8840. 

I drag all VI and subVI into NI PXIe8840 and run the main VI, But it shows an error that "Error - 200220 occurred at DAQmx Create Channel (Al-Voltage-Basic.vi: 1780001)
Possible causes:
The device identifier is invalid.
Specified device: PXI2 Slot 5
Recommended Devices: PXI1 Slot 7, PXII1 Slots 14
Task Name: unnamed Task < 175A >
I add the screenshots of main VI and my project

When i run it in SubVI, It works normally and there is no error detected. 


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