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How can I get multiplexed signal entering on a 6052E channel 0 from SCXI 1125 connected through PXI 1011 chassis before demultiplexing ?

I know it's possible with 6052E to generate a trig signal from a threshold, routing ATCOUT signal on PFI line.(see ATCOUTviewer example)
I just want to use this way to survey "simultaneously" all the scanned channel acquired from 4 SCXI 1125 module plugged in a PXI 1011 chassis.
It seems that using directly ATCOUTviewer the detection is made on the single first channel of the scan sequence.
Does somebody know how to survey the multiplexed signal level?
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Unfortunately that can't be achieved. When the comparator circuitry is in use (the circuitry that detects the analog signal level and sets the ATCOUT signal high or low), the multiplexer switch is kept on the first channel of the channel list only. It's not possible to use the comparator circuitry to have different ATCOUT signals for different channels.
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Thank you for your answer,
I'm now sure that its not possible to detect the analog signal level from the multiplexed signal arriving on DAQ 6052E.
What do you think about a hardware solution which would consist to use an other 6052E DAQ on which the multiplexed analog signal would be connected.
I think this way has to be explored but I don't know exactly the CPCI pin used to multiplex signal.

Thanks for all
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