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How can I get MAX to recognize the COMM and parralel ports?

I have a PXI-1000-B chassis with PXI-8156-B computer running Win98. MAX (Measurement Automation Explorer) will not recognize the COMM port or parralel port of the PXI-8156-B. What can I do to make it find the ports?
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You must install the latest VISA drivers to solve this problem. MAX 2.0 needs the NI-VISA driver in order to access the COM ports on your system. Without NI-VISA installed you will be unable to access or create serial, GPIB-VXI, or TCP/IP interfaces. Please check out the link below to download the latest NI-VISA drivers.


Ryan Tamblin
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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The latest NI-VISA has been installed, and MAX does recognize the GPIB port as well as the PXI cards installed. It is only the COM and parralel ports that are not recognized.
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