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How can I get MAX (Labtop) to see my PXI system?

I have a PXI system consisted of PXI 8184 (Microcontroller) and PXI 6552. I wish to run LabView 8 application on my labtop and run it and see how the PXI device respond to my application. TO establish the communication I read that I can use a CAT5 crossover cable or a hub. I couldn't get the PXI system to show up under Remote Systems in MAX residing in my labtop.
How can I solve this problem can any body clue me on that?
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   1) Are you using a PXI system which has an embedded controller with Real Time (RT)?
   2) Did controller have RT installed / shipped with it. We can confirm that in the bios if the LabVIEW RT menu options show up?
   3) Listed below are few links you can go through to get started and troubleshoot. Specifically the chapter 2 in the manual for 8184
   4) When you connect a monitor to the controller what do you see in the screen?
   5) Did you get a chance to install the embedded sw CD that came with the controller in your host computer?
   6) You can also verify if you have a folder similar to following in your host computer after the installation (Similar to the following)
           C:\Program Files\National Instruments\RT Images\Base\2.0\7151

Thanks and hope this helps to get you rolling
Good luck
Avi Harjani

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Do you simply wish to transfer data between your laptop and the PXI?, OR
Do you wish to run your application on the laptop and simultaneously see the front panel on the PXI?, OR
Do you wish to run the application on the PXI (after maybe having developed it on the laptop) while seeing the PXI 'transparently' from your laptop?
You may get a quick start from here:
If that does not help, pls describe your requirement and system config comprehensively.
Gurdas Sandhu, Ph.D.
ORISE Research Fellow at US EPA
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