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How can I control individual pins of VHDCI connector on PXIe-6548?

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Unless you can post some screen shots or your code, I'm kind of at a loss.  The PXIe-6548 does support stimulus/response mode.  A device not found error generally indicates a that you haven't selected the correct device, not that a feature isn't present.


Can you share screen shots of what you're doing or your code?

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I am attaching the screenshots of the DWE and Signal Express windows. The first image shows DWE where I save the waveform in proper format with signal mapping on channels. The second image shows how stimulus response shows an error.

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Thanks - that's pretty helpful.


In SignalExpress, if you go to Help | About LabVIEW SignalExpress...


What versions of NI-HSDIO Express and Signal Express are you using?


Also, can you see your device in MAX?


I've attached a screen shot of my about panel.

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Hi, I have MAX installed and I can see my device in MAX. I have attached my About window. It is pretty much same as your image.

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What version is your NI-HSDIO?

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where do i find what version is my niHSDIO?

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If you look at my About window, you'll see NI-HSDIO Express toward the bottom.  Yours should also be in the About box.

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it says version 1.3.0.

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NI-HSDIO 1.3 doesn't support the PXIe-6548... 


Please upgrade to HSDIO 1.7.2:  http://joule.ni.com/nidu/cds/view/p/id/1625/lang/en

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Thanks very much Keith!

I upgraded it to 1.7.2 and tried to run the stimulus response. It shows the device now but gives another error. I am attaching the screenshot. Please tell me the possible reason for the error.

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