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Hard Disk crash old pxi8176

Good morning, 


Company sysadmin here so pretty noob on this kind of problems. We have a PXI 1045 enclosure with several interfaces and a pxi-8176 controller. The hard disk on the controller is phisically broken (hard drive needle) so I have changed the hard disk. The system now detects the hard drive but, of course, it says not operating system found. I have a copy of the old disk an I see this:

2024-02-20 08_59_11-Window.png

So, I think it had PharLap installed. How can I reinstall pharlap on the new hard disk? The engineering team says the system came installed so we don't have any restoration device or license.


Thanks in advance

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Using a Utility USB Drive to Format my Real-Time Phar Lap ETS PXI Controller

There is no activation involved in using Pharlap OS. The license is for legal purposes only. It should be included when you purchase the PXI RT controller with RTOS.

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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The problem is that option is greyed out on NIMAX:

2024-02-21 07_29_36-Window.png

I've installed 2 versions (last one and 2013) and in both the option is greyed out son I can't create the usb.

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Ok, the problem was I hadn't the real time module installed, now I can create the usb.


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The PXI had installed RealTime module 7.1. Where can I download from? It has to be that version cause we have 2 executables which use that exact version

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