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HSDIO 6555 clock rate does not allow rate < 20MHz with acquired results from HW Compare

When setting the HSDIO clock rate on the PXIE-6555 HSDIO to a value of 20 MHz (20M) or greater, we get acquired data waveform results from the acquired IO waveforms,

However if we select any value below 20 MHz clock rate the resultant waveforms are not captured. All Waveforms are not present in the output waveforms from the acquired data results from the HW compare function. The Specification states this card supports rates at 800 kHz - 200 MHz.


What is the cause of this acquired data not being retrieved from the HSDIO Errors?


We are trying to do robustness testing at lower frequencies to verify logic but data results are not being acquired at 10MHz (10M) using HW Compare. 

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Are you resetting the device between each frequency you are testing, or are you sweeping them? If you are not manually resetting the device, can you try that and see if you are seeing the same behavior? 



Tanim Islam

Applications Engineer | National Instruments


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