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HDD-8263 Install on new PXI Chassis


I'm trying to install a HDD-8263 array using a 8262 Card on a new PXIe-1085 24GB/Sec Chassis using an 8880 embedded controller windows 10. The system sees the external enclosure with a valid link between the 8262 card and 8263 chassis via the led lights and it powers on. However in device manager it sees the system as an SCSI controller and asks for a driver not as a RAID system. I tried downloading recommended external driver but doesn't recognize it. I should mention the 8263 array was used on a previous system without issue. It still has data on it but as far as i know this shouldn't be a problem. Can anyone help me understand the issue?

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Was there ever a SCSI device connected to your system? 

Can you post a picture of a screeshot?

Can you try force reinstalling NI MAX?



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