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Forgot Password to "Log In" to PXI-8101

Hi folks,


I'm wondering if there's a way to reset the password to access my PXI-8101 on my remote chassis. Note this is NOT the BIOS password--my BIOS is not currently password protected. This is the password that it asks for when clicking on the Log In button in the Measurement and Automation Explorer (first figure) which brings up the dialog (second figure). I tried using the default (User name: admin, Password: [blank]) but that did not allow me to log in. The person who set the password originally is long gone, so resetting it seems to be the only way to go.


I tried hitting the reset button on the PXI card itself (as demonstrated on 2-15 of the PXI-8101 user manual), but that still did not reset the Log In password to its default "Admin/[blank]" configuration.


Fortunately I am able to get to most of the important parts of the configuration (System Settings/Network Settings/File Transfer) without this password, but I would still like to set it myself in case I wanted to "Set Permissions" in the future (which I need this password to do).


Thank you.

Zack DeLand

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Hi Zack,


Reformatting the device will reset the MAX password. Here's a Link with instructions. However, you may need the password to reformat the device. I'm not sure. Please let me know if you run into that. 

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