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Flashed PXIe-8105 with wrong BIOS?

I suspect I have flashed the wrong BIOS to a PXIe-8105, using a PXI-8105 1.4 BIOS (did not note the difference...) and now the PXIe-8105 does not boot. Smiley Mad Autch. Are they compatible or is it a NoNo? Anything I can do to save the situation?

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I wish I had better news for you but they are not compatible.  Unfortunately your hardware will now require an RMA to reprogram the BIOS (to physically remove and manually reflash the chip).


For what it is worth (not much to you at the moment, I know) that was the last design from NI that had the possibility of encountering this problem - newer controllers have a protection mechanism in the BIOS update utility that only allows flashing compatible firmware.

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I did the same thing! How much does this cost to fix?

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Standard repair fee which was not worth it for me as I have other controllers available. As this controller has a few years , one can source a second hand replacement at about the same price as the cost of repairs. I did buy the flash IC, was going to download the bios on the new one and solder it in but did not get around to it yet....
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If you have already done this repair, do you have any tips? I also did the same mistake.....

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If you're really skilled and money is tight, you may be able to remove the BIOS chip and have a third party re-BIOS the chip, otherwise you have to get a new controller. The reason it is expensive to fix from NI ($1200) is because they do not support the PXIe-8105, though this should be a very simple fix.

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I already have another controller, fixing this one is more of a challenge. I've looked into methods of flashing bios chips and several places that will do it

for you. At the moment my main problem is identifying the actual BIOS chip, is it near the I/O controller?


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Mine is still on the shelf. Smiley Indifferent


I have a note BIOS is in a Microchip SST25VF016B , 8-pin SOIC.


If you solve it, I'd appreciate feedback. Just write the correct BIOS from first memory position?!?

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I did the same (dumb) thing--in a hurry, '8105', yeah OK--then I learned the difference between PXI and PXIe. I confirm that the BIOS is stored on SST25VF016B (about $1.50 at Mouser) and the part can be preloaded with the correct BIOS using a TL866A (about $80 on Amazon with the additional chip holders you need),


The tricky part is getting the old part off. The 'best practice' is to carefully cut the 8 leads to the chip and without any force, remove it before any soldering.   From experience (mostly bad), I can attest to the ease with which the solder pads will strip away from the PC board. If you are very careful, the remains of the leads can be removed from the pads without damaging anything.


After that it is just a matter of programming the new chip and soldering it in place.


This is NOT an easy job by any stretch of the imagination, so if you use the NI gear for your living, send the part to NI and let them repair it.

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I had this one on the shelf since years, would like to fix it now.

Do I simply write this to the first address, no offset? 


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