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Female receptacle for SH100-100-F/ 100 pin 0.050 D-type???

I am looking for a female connector that will alllow me to connect a SH100-100-F cable to it.  I am using a PXI-6512 module and from the module I am going to run a cable to my connector and then from the connector I will wire up the rest of our hardware.  I have to use these cables and I am looking for something with solder cups on it.  If anyone knows of anything like this please let me know.

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Hi Brent,

The article here has NI part numbers and Manufacturer part numbers for most of the connectors you could use with the SH100-100-F.  I was able to find the part sold by numerous sites by searching the manufactorer's part number in google.  You can also take a look at the dimensional drawings for that connector here.

I hope this helps,
Paul C.

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