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Fastest update rate for source operations in PXIe-4141

What is the fastest rate at which a source voltage can be updated in PXIe-4141. Experimentally I am getting ~16ms for every update. Note that I have set the Source Delay to 0. Most other settings are default.

Is there any other setting I can configure to reduce this?

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Hey vinodh,

The maximum source update rate for the PXIe-414x is 100 K samples / s and can be found on page 4 of the specification.




What you're probably experiencing is that your aperture time defaults to 16.66 ms (or 1 PLC) and the next setpoint is not set to output until the measurement in the previous step is complete.  Your 'Measure When' attribute is probably set to "Automatically After Source Complete" where you probably want it set to 'On Measure Trigger' or 'On Demand'.  When this property is configured as "Automatically After Source Complete" the Sourcing and measuring are done sequentially, whereas when set to "On Measure Trigger" you can perform both sourcing and measuring independent of each other.



Brandon G

National Instruments
Precision DC Hardware Engineer
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Hi Brandon

The 'Measure When' is set to 'On Demand'. Also we found that when the source operation is sandwiched between "Abort" and "Initiate" the execution time falls to ~2ms. Now the sequence is Abort -> Set Source Level -> Initiate. 


- Vinodh

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