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Failure to connect to a networked RT engine

I have a Labview RT system configured on a PXI-8045RT embedded controller, mounted on a PXI-1002 chassis. The other devices on the system are a PXI-7354 motion controller card and a PXI-6040E DAQ card. Now, I am able to see the real time system as well as all the devices on it, using Measurement and Automation Explorer (ver 3.02). The controller has been configured with static IP addresses, is on the same subnet as the host PC, and has a valid gateway address (the same one that the host PC uses). I am able to ping the controller from any PC that is on the same subnet. But for some reason, when I open up Labview and try to select this controller as the execution target, I get an error that says "Failed to connect to RT engine.
Returning to target selection". I have tried resetting the controller IP address and then re-configuring it, but to no avail.

I would be very much oblighed for any suggestions out of this impasse.

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Highlight your system under Remote Systems in Measurement and Automation Explorer. At the bottom of the right pane you should see a tab for software. Select this tab. You need to make sure you have installed the correct versions of the software on the RT system. You should see 3 columns. The first column lists your software. The other columns list the version on the local host and the version on the remote machine. Make sure these versions match. If they do not match click the install software button on the toolbar.

Joseph D.
National Instruments
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