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ExpressCard Solid State Drive on LV-RT??


I am trying to utilize ExpressCard slot on my PXI-8106 controller card to store TDMS files on a Lexar 16G ExpressCard drive.  I cannot seem to get LabVIEW Real-Time 8.5 to recognize the card as a drive.  The drive is formatted FAT32 and installed prior to power up.  This is an ExpressCard drive NOT an ExpressCard to USB drive/flash media converter card.


Any suggestions on how to do this?  I need a way to move large (8G+) TDMS files from the PXI system to another machine for processing.  FTP over the network is possible but not optimal.


Also, am I correct that LV-RT does not support USB drives while running/executing a program?  I want to disable USB to improve determinism -- will doing this disable the ExpressCard interface?


If needed, it is easy for me to upgrade to LV 8.6.


An alternative would be to utilize a second SATA drive mounted externally some how . . .


Thanks in advance,

Matt Burkhart,Research Scientist

University of Wyoming, Atmospheric Science Dept.

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Hi monoski,

Would you please verify that the ExpressCard storage device works with windows? 


Regarding disabling USB, as long as you are not using the USB port, you are not affecting the determinism.  



Sammy Z.

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The drive does work utilizing Windows XP and Vista.  I formated it to FAT32 with both versions of the OS when trying to get it to work on the PXI controller.


Thanks for the tip on the USB subsystem.

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Did you try FTPing into the system, and you were not able to see the drive?

Your expresscard may need a driver that RT OS does not support.



Sammy Z.

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