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Expansion Chassis cRIO-9151 not visible in MAX

hi there,
I'm using LV8.5 with PXI-8106 in a PXI-1042Q chassis and PXI-7813R rIO with 4 expansion chassis cRIO-9151, including other modules. It's possible to view the several expansioned modules in the expansion chasses in my current project-explorer but configuring with MAX is not possible because MAX shows the corresponding slot, where my 7813R with the 4 expansion-chassis is, as <unknown empty>

Is there a possiblilty to see my complete hardware in the MAX (V 4.3.0f0)??

Thanks so far...
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Hi gmoogsta,

that's right. You won't see the expansions chassis in max to configure it.
If you can see them in your project explorer of labview, everything is right so far.

Hope this helps.

best regards
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