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Engine DAQ Transfer from PCI (w/Fieldpoint) to PXI

Hello all,


I am trying to utilize a PXI 1042 containing the following cards: PXI-8119 (Controller), 6070E, 6733, 6115, 6133(x2), and 7830R.  My current DAQ system lies in a Dell Optiplex 745 containing 2 NI PCI 6034E cards.  One card is wired to an SCB68 breakout box and another to a CB-68-LP.  I also have a FP2000 connected to the old Dell via ethernet.  


My current VI (Labview 2010) for DAQ and engine control utilizes NI DAQmx, VISA, and Fieldpoint drivers.  


Are there any general do's and dont's for transferring a DAQ system from PCI to PXI?  Can I just wire my breakout boxes to the two PXI-6133's, bring over the old VI, and call it a day?  I don't assume it is that simple and thus would appreciate callouts of topics I will need to address.  I am still new to Labview/DAQ so I am sure I haven't provided enough info to get much direction, but I am more happy to provide more details as needed.  Thank you to anyone who can provide a helping hand!  

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