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Dynamic Biphasic Output to 8 Analog Channels

Hi everyone,


  First off, I'musing a PXI-7854R within an NI PXI-1402 chassis.  I'm just using the RMIO plugged into a SCB-68 to utilize the analog channels. 


  As for my VI, I'm trying to output a biphasic square wave to 8 analog channels simultaneously, but allow for variable high/interphase/low times and initial delays from a trigger.  I can output all the waves simultaneously and sequentially, but when it comes to fully independent output I'm running into some issues.  If I use the paradigm I've attached to this post, usually only the AO0 will output whille AO1-7 will fall silent.  I have a feeling this is probably due to timing issues/delays in the AO0 sequence, but I'm still getting upto speed with FPGA timing. 


  My method is rather simple and bruteforce.  If you have any suggestions for another way to go about this, I'd appreciate this.  We want pretty much all of the timing to take place on the hardward, which is why these delays are in the FPGA program. 


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks much.

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Disregard the timing question, I've figured that out.  If anyone has a suggestion for a more efficient way to generate this type of biphasic wave on the 8 channels, I'd still be open to getting that feedback!

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