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Does PXIe-1071 have driver?

Hello community experts,


I have a chassis PXIe-1071 (I want to use it with switch PXI-2532B and DMM PXI-4070). I couldn't add the chassis PXIe-1071 as a new device in MAX. Am I missing the driver? I searched but found nothing about its driver. Please give some advice on how to add this device in MAX. Thanks!

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Hi ylflex,


For the 1071 to show up in MAX, you'll need to have PXI Platform Services Installed.


Once the driver is installed, it should automatically show up in MAX.


If you're curious about what hardware this driver supports, you can check out this page:



If you're curious about what operating systems are supported, you can check out this page:


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I do have NI PXI platform services installed. But when creating a new chassis under new Devices and Interfaces, only a few PXI-8xxx models show up. Please see sreenshots below.

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Are you using an embedded controller with the 1071 or a remote (MXI) controller?

Can you send over a MAX Technical Support Report? This will allow to me see what NI SW is installed, what HW is being seen by MAX, and the status of the NI Services. Please be sure to send over a Technical Support Report when given the option for what type of report to generate.


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I will be given a MXI controller. Now I just want to simulate this setup.


NI report was attached here.



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Ah, okay. While you're able to simluate a good number of different modules, there's no functionality that will allow you to simluate the chassis.

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