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Distrubution LabVIEW executable fails to communicate with PXI2586 card.

Second generation LabVIEW software executable is having communication failure on only one of four PXI cards.  The PXI chassis is setup with a 8184 embedded controller, 8420 serial communication card, 6521 relay/DI card, 4224 voltage monitoring, and 2586 relay card.  The PXI-2586 card is failing to function when the executable is placed on the PXI controller.  This executable was programmed in LabVIEW 8.5.1 for both generations.  Generation one had no problems.  PXI-2586 functions are called using NI-Switch VIs, both development and PXI controller have NI-Switch 3.8 installed.


After reading another thread on a RealTime issue with this card, I have installed a delay in the program prior to the first NI Switch Call, this did not seem to fix the problem.  Also, the NIMax, test panel for the PXI-2586 operates fine and all function work.


Is there anyway to see if the executable is indeed starting the correct drivers for this device?  The PXI-2586 works in NIMax test pannel with the LabVIEW executable running.  Also, I have installed this executable on a first generation unit in the lab and the PXI-2586 works fine.  So, I believe I have a setup issue on the second generation PXI-Chassis, what device drivers should be running, and can I force the to run with LabVIEW if they are not already?

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   You'll want to make sure that the driver versions you are installing on your deployment machine exactly match the version you used for development.  There's not a determinate way of finding out which drivers are being used in the program, but if you're using the switch test panel, then I am assuming that the switch driver is properly installed (even if it's not the correct version to be running with your LabVIEW program).  


Have you been building an installer, or are you downloading the drivers to the deployment machine and running an executable on it?  And, just to clarify- you have things working fine on 3 different test stations, but the fourth is having problems?  


Could you please try putting the "trouble" 2586 card into one of the working test systems to make sure it's not a problem with the hardware?  Thanks for that additional info!


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