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Did anyone else have a problem after last weeks Windows update with PXIe incompatibility

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Hello all,


I have a data station that is mixed between the PXI, PXIe and PCI cards that is typically run remotely. Tuesday after Labor Day (Sept 8 2020) the system would let the user log in. I came in the lab (rare these days with COVID-19 and all and added kb, mouse, monitor. The system was stuck in a Windows recovery endless death loop. The old image was not much help and so we decided to install fresh (data was safe on secondary backup). I was trying to determine the culprit SpinCore PCI timing Card or NI PXIe system. In order to determine this I went ahead and downloaded (to the best of my ability) current drivers for my project on the development system.  I then build a CVI 64 bit project and installed it the instrument computer. I also installed fresh SpinCore Drivers. Long story short: I get a connection error from Spincore only when PXI chassis active. any time the PXI chassis is active I get a PCI-to-PCI Bridge error and twotimes the Intel Management Engine Interface has become corrupted.


Can someone at NI PXI look at my NIMAX config and see if I still have an old driver dragging me down? I will add after I power down and connect the PXIe chassis and run MAX.

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Report from NIMAX:

Operating System(OS) Windows 10 Professional
OS Version 10.00.19041
OS Info
Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 0 @ 3.20GHz / Intel64 Family 6 Model 45 Stepping 7 / GenuineIntel / 3192 MHz
Number of Processors 12
Physical Memory 15.9 GB of RAM
Drive C:\ 818 GB of 875 GB free

National Instruments Software: Version:

CVI Runtime
NI-DAQmx Device Driver 18.0.0f0
NI-DAQmx MAX Configuration 18.0.0
Runtime 18.0
Runtime for NI 5413, 5423, and 5433 Waveform Generators 18.0
Runtime for NI-DAQmx-Based Waveform Generators 18.0
IVI Engine 18.0.0.f0
IVI Driver Toolset 1.5
LabVIEW Runtime 2014 SP1 f11 14.0.1
LabVIEW Runtime 2014 SP1 f11 (64-bit) 14.0.1
Measurement & Automation Explorer 20.0.0f0
NI PXI Platform Services Configuration 20.0.0f0
NI PXI Platform Services Runtime 20.0.0f0
NI-RIO 18.5.0
NI-PAL Software 20.0.0
NI Reconfigurable Oscilloscopes
NI 5164 Device Support 18.0
NI 5170 Device Support 18.0
Runtime 18.0 18.0
Runtime 18.0
NI System Configuration 20.0.0f0
LabVIEW Runtime 2015 SP1 f12 15.0.1
LabVIEW Runtime 2016 f5 16.0.0
LabVIEW Runtime 2019 SP1 f1 19.0.1
LabVIEW Runtime 2015 SP1 f10 (64-bit) 15.0.1
LabVIEW Runtime 2016 f5 (64-bit) 16.0.0

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Accepted by topic author blakney

To be clear the PXI and PXIe cards all respond to checks in MAX but the PCI card goes offline as well as the error popping up on the PCI to PCI Bridge in device manager.


Thanks in advance,



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After getting a secondary system online, it appears I have a hardware failure in the x8 MXI remote link hardware. The cards all show up and work but the host PC  PCI/PCIe backplane shows errors and ends up disabling a PCI timing card. Will arrange an RMA shortly.

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