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DMM4065 sometimes produce "time exceeded before operation completed" for R measurement

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sometimes, niDMM Measure produces "time exceeded before operation completed" for R measurement.

We don't specify explicit time out value.

We use LabVIEW2016 with 2017 PXI drivers.

Any idea what's the reason and how to prevent this?



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Hi Koen,


Several issues can cause this error.

  • If you are using an NI-DMM Read VI (Single or Multi Point), ensure you aren't calling the niDMM Initiate VI before the Read. The NI-DMM Read commands both initiate an acquisition and fetch data from the buffer. Adding an extra Initiate before the Read can cause the overall acquisition to slow down.
  • If you have a trigger source configured, make sure DMM is receiving the trigger at the proper time.
  • You may need to set the Maximum Time input on your Fetch or Read VI to be longer. By default the maximum time is set automatically, but may be too short depending on your application.


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thanks Jack,

to my surprise, I discovered indeed an initiate call before measure. But that must have been done for a reason. I added a screenshot of my code. You will see also a software trigger. The two blocks beneath (initiate and software trigger) have been put there for trial when I had some troubles I assume.




By the way: we mostly encouter the time out exceeded before operation completed when measuring an open (expecting NaN).

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