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DMM-SFT returns error message, says to re-install

I have a PXI-4070 in a PXI-1045 chassis with a PXI-8186 controller.  When trying to run the soft front panel, I get the error message: "ERROR: One or more elements of the application could not be found.  Please re-install DMM-SFP."   Re-installing does no good.  Controller is running XP Pro SP2 with latest updates including IE7.  NI-DMM v2.5.1, NI-DAQmx 8.3.1.  4070 itself seems to be recognized properly in MAX.  Any ideas what's missing?  Thanks!
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Uninstalled earlier version, downloaded (an overnight job ;>) and installed NI-DMM 2.6, everything works.  In the clear white light of hindsight, I may have improperly installed the earlier version and created my own problem.  No matter, all better now.
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