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DC Power Sequencing

I have a NI 4139 card and I wish to use the sequencing function. However I want to use a trigger input to iterate through the sequence rather than running the entire sequence 1 time. The sequence is an array of voltages and timing. I am able to trigger the entire sequence, but not step through it. 


Does anyone have experience using an external trigger to iterate through a DC Power sequence. I suspect I am missing some simple configuration.

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It looks like you can achieve it with source trigger.





The source unit waits for the source trigger before sourcing in each step (if configured for a source trigger) excluding the first step.





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Thank you Santosh. 

Unfortunately is still does the entire sequence, rather than allowing me to step through it.


When I try to use a source trigger,  I get an error stating the SMU is not waiting for a source trigger after I issue one.


When I use a Start trigger, the SMU Sequence runs and completes; It does not step 

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Would you be able to share the code for review?




This link also confirms that Source Trigger should work and example provided is what you are trying to achieve



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Soliton Technologies
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SMU Sequence.png


thank you for your kid offer to review this code. I've stripped it down to the bare essentials and ran it to make sure it works. When running this code is runs the entire sequence. My goal is to have a trigger (simulated here in the for loop) that forces the SMU to step through each iteration of the sequence.

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