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DAC analyzer card 6361 with BNC-2110 How to generate differential signal


We have PXIE6361 card with BNC 2110 Extension unit.


I have tried to get Differential signal out but it remains grey and Let  NIDAQ choose does not  work. At least it should work like that.


Singnal comes out with proper level/frequency but only from Ao0/Ao1 center tab. Not from the BNC shield.

As it does with PXIE-4461 card


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Hi HannuSii,


My name's Jaimie. I'm an applications engineer at National Instruments.


I just wanted to clarify what you mean by 'it remains grey'? 

I'm also not sure I understand when it is working and when it is not? If you were to create an analog output from the BNC and read it from an analog input on the BNC are you able to read any values within labview?


Have you had a look at the Connecting Analog Output Signals section of the BNC-2110 Installation Guide in the link below?





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Yes I can produce and measure single ended signals. Also I can measure differential signals by this extension unit but i cannot produce differential signals.


"grey" means that I cannot select it. I looked from the manual and I think PXIE 6361 card can only produce single ended signals from outputs Ao0 and Ao1, so the problem is not in BNC-2110 . 


I think I just continue my adventures with PXIE 4461, without BNC-2110. 


BR Hannu


BR Hannu

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Hi Hannu,


I'm glad you're able to find a work around for this and are happy to carry on. 

If you have any further questions related to this feel free to ask!



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