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Custom cabling for MXI-4


I'm currently in the process of setting up a PXI in my home lab. I have picked up a set of PXI- and PCI-8331. I would like to make a custom cable to connect those cards. I've found the proper pinout here but I couln't find any specs for the cable itself. I'm assuming it has to be twisted pair, but what about it's impedance? Are there any guidelines available?

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The original cables were Turboquad (or Turboquad Gold).  You may be able to find some of that cable around or else look up specs for it.  Cables up to 10m were available, but the setup will be more forgiving of defects if you limit it to 2-3 m.


- Robert

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Thank you for the reply. Apparently those cables were also used for an old standard of fibre channel. Unfortulately it appears that they are pretty much impossible to purchase. Unfortunately it appears that even finding a matching replacement may be a challenge since the original cable has an impedance of 150 ohm. I've currently managed to establish a connection with my chassis using a cat6 ethernet cable, however I'm worried about the stability. I'm considering picking up a newer style of a fibre channel cable (since it's significantly more popular) and replacing the connectors with DB9.

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Alex found some cables that look right (DB9 connectors, Turboquad gold cable) in stock in a similar thread:


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