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Could not acquire voltage waveform with PXI 5112

Hi all, I am doing my master degree in Power Electronics. For my academic project, I need to acquire leakage current waveform that flows in the insulator. So we tried to acquire the current using PXI 5112. As it cannot acquire current directly, we went for current to voltage conversion (the leakage current is analog in nature), in such a way that it meets the voltage range of the PXI 5112 oscilloscope. We are using BNC connector recommended by NI. The probe is connected to one of the two channels of PXI 5112 oscilloscope, and once we connect the positive and negative terminal of the probe to the voltage signal terminals, we didn't get the waveform as oscilloscope. Rather, the power supply board from which the PXI instrument,the display monitor, and the supply for insulator, gets cut off, and no power output from that board.We could not find what is the issue. Please do help me and clarify me about the issue, whether it is related to power rating, or problem with probe.

Please help me...


Thank you in advance...



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