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Contradictory info about PXI-4110 & PXIe-1078 interoperability?

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    I am new to the NI environment (and data acquisition, really) and I'm trying to pick the components for my first PXI system.  With the positive and negative 20V outputs the PXI-4110 (with optional external supply) is perfect for my needs, and for the chassis the PXIe-1078 seems like a good fit, but I'm finding conflicting information about whether they'll work together.  The -4110 apparently just has a "plain" PXI interface, while the -1078 has only PXIe & PXIe Hybrid slots.  

  • Per the selection table in the Shop, the PXI-4110 just has a PXI interface.
  • The -4110 Getting Started guide says it can be plugged into a PXI or PXIe Hybrid slot.
  • The selection table in the Shop says the PXIe-1078 has 3 PXIe slots, 5 PXIe Hybrid slots, and NO PXI slots.
  • The online advisor tool lets me select the -1078 chassis and -4110 supply with no complaints.
  • This Knowledgebase article says PXI standard modules can't be plugged into PXIe Hybrid slots.  The connector shown in the graphic with the red 'X' certainly looks like the connector in the PXI-4110 photos.

   At least one of these pieces of information has to be wrong, right?  The simplest explanation (and the one I'm hoping for) is that the PXI-4110 actually DOES have a hybrid interface [or "hybrid compatible"... this PXIe-1078 manual  alludes to plugging in PXI modules by modifying the connectors?]  If that's the case, then maybe the PXI-4110's info in the shop needs to be corrected?  Please let me know if I'm misinterpreting something.


Thank you!


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Hi Anthony,


Thank you for posting this, hopefully I can clear up some confusion.  In short, the 1078 and the 4110 are indeed compatible.  The connector type of the 4110 is a PXI/cPCI connector which is hybrid compatible.  The connector for this card only has pins on the lower half of the card while full PXI cards have a connector block along the entire rear of the card.  All of the current cards we sell under the PXI name will fit in a PXIe hybrid slot type.

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Great, Dillon, thanks for clearing that up!

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