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Connection from PXI-8186 to USB

I use PXI-8186 and LabView-2010.

 I have third party devices with USB-interface.

Can the PXI-8186 processor operate via a USB interface  by VISA subVI ?

I can work with USB devices connected to a Windows + LabView computer.

VI VisaFind sees instruments connected to the computer, but does not see instruments connected to the PXI controller.



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PXI-8186 is an embedded controller, in layman terms, a compact computer fit inside the PXI chassis.


You can use the 8186 just as a regular computer by connecting keyboard, mouse, monitor and networking. Just like a regular computer, you can connect USB devices (or instruments) and run application on the computer to control these instruments.


Does this answer your question?

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Thank you.

I don't use this controller as a regular computer.

It does not have Windows installed. It has the Labview-RT system installed.

I work through a local network.

The VISA package is installed, it works correctly through the GPIB interface.

I don't know how to add the USB driver.


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Control a USB Device with NI-VISA on a Real-Time Controller

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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