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Connection between Arbitrary Waveform, NI FPGA PXI 7841R and an Oscilloscope

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Hello Family,


I am working on generation of abitrary waveform generator with limited knowledge on connection and setting up of NI equipment.


I have a non NI arbitrary waveform generator that is used to generate a programmed waveshape. I want to be able to feed this signal from one of the channels of the arbitrary waveform generator to one of the I/Os on the NI PXI 7841R FPGA. However, I don't know how to do this connection since the two devices have different connections. Aside these I also have an NI PXI 5154 digitizer and 2 SCB 68A connectors.


Also, I will like to get the processed signal through LabVIEW on the FPGA from the output of the FPGA to the input on the oscilloscope. The oscilloscope is also a non NI oscilloscope.


What connectors will I need to be able to achieve a connection between the standalone non NI arbitrary waveform generator and PXI 7841R FPGA and also between the FPGA and a standalone non NI oscilloscope.


In short, I want connectors to be able to implement this block diagram per the attached image.


Thank you.

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NI 78xx Models: R Series Cable and Accessory Compatibility

Connect SHC68-68-RMIO and SCB-68A to PXI-7841R.

Use BNC-to-Wire connector to connect the waveform generator and oscilloscope to the SCB-68A terminal block.

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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I tried to get the FPGA to be able to output 1 from a Control with input as 1 on an Indicator but got the error attached as the image.


What am I doing wrong? I tried changing the name of the resource to the FPGA's name but also got another error.

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