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Compatibility of System Timing Slot on PXIe-1065 Chassis

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I have a somewhat old PXIe-1065 chassis with a PXIe-8133 controller my group uses for data acquisition purposes. We recently acquired a PXIe-6672 timing and synchronization module we plan on installing in slot 14 (PXIe system timing slot) to improve the synchronization of the various modules we have installed on the chassis. We originally planned on using the PXI-Star trigger lines and to better sync the measurements being made on different modules installed in the chassis.


However, we also recently purchased a different data acquisition device from a different company that supports synchronization only through PTP (IEEE 1588), which is a network-based synchronization protocol. Ideally, we would like to also be able to synchronize this device with the NI DAQ during other tests so that measurements made by both devices are aligned with each other on a common reference. 


Looking at this comparison of timing and synchronization PXI modules, it seems like the PXI-6683 might be the better choice for us. The PXI-6683 still has its own oscillator and ability to override the backplane 10 MHz clock of the chassis and also allows access to the PXI-Star trigger lines. In addition to this it also has support for IEEE 1588 time synchronization which we could use to sync our NI DAQ with the other non-NI DAQ.


My concern is whether or not the PXI-6683 will properly function in slot 14 of the PXIe-1065 chassis? 


When I check the manual for the PXIe-1065 it states that slot 14 accepts "A PXI Express System Timing Module with x4 or x1 PCI Express link to the system slot through a PCIe switch". Does the fact that the PXI-6683 module lacks the "Express" termination mean that it is not compatible with the PXIe-1065 chassis in slot 14?

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Here is my analysis of your question,



  1. 6683 can be installed only in PXI Slot
  2. 6683 can function its PXI_CLK10 and PXI_STAR only if installed in the system timing slot of the PXI chassis
  3. 6683H is can be installed in PXI slot or PXIe Hybrid slot in a PXIe chassis
  4. 6683H cannot function its PXI_CLK10 or PXI_STAR triggers


So, if you want both the IEEE 1588 time synchronization and PXI_STAR trigger lines, you need to combine 6683H or 6683 with 6674T installed in the system timing slot.




6683H or 6683 is not compatible with slot 14 of 1065



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