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Communication Error to PXIe-6556

Dear Community


I am completly new to the PXIe-World and are trying to command the PXIe-System by already existing perl-scripts.

The perl-scripts work for several 6551-systems here, but on my 6556-system I receive the following error Message:

PXI6551 - GEN ERROR IN FUNCTION (pxi6551_actions) occurred:

PXI6551 - ACQU ERROR IN FUNCTION (pxi6551_actions) occurred:...

and many more similar Messages. So I guess, that I cannot Access my System with These scripts, however I was told, that the 6556 and 6551 are compatible.

So my questions:

- Is there an easy way to simply test the Connection between a PXI-System and a Win-7-PC by a perl script?

- Or does somebody know the error message and can tell me, what I could try next?


Best regards,



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From error messages I can deduce that you trying to call actions dedicated  for PXI-6551 on your PXI-6556. Generation and acquisition are obviously the same process actions seen from both cards and they should be executed correctly but it looks like that scripts modification may be necessary.

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