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Communicating with NI 1722 Camera through Test Stand using LabView VI


How do i tell the NI 1722 Smart Camera to start a test and read back the test result(eg Pass/Fail or a barcode info).I know that we can use TCP/IP commands for this but i am not sure how do we read the data back from the camera.I have written a sequence in Vision Builder AI3.6,generated Labview VI for it(using Tools option).Now i need to use this VI to run the testHow do i do this?



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Hi gill,


You didn't have convert the sequence in Vision Builder to LabVIEW. If you want to be able to run the inspection in TestStand, follow the steps here.

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Thank you for reply.Are these steps valid for the newer versions of TS and Vb.I have Test Stand4.1.1 and Vision Builder3.6 and my sequence is generating "Error" at the open inspection step.

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The error message is         

Error executing SubstepAn error ocuured calling 'Execute Step' in _NIVBAITESTStandSteps in 'NIVBAITestStandAPI''Post'.

Any suggestions?

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I am not sure why this is happening. While looking into this, I came across another forum post that discusses this error: http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=330&thread.id=10168&view=by_date_ascending&page=1 .


Try the troubleshooting steps they have done, and let us know if that solves the problem. 

Vivek Nath
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
Machine Vision
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