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Command line PXI reset

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I have a feeling that I am just not searching for the right term here. I am looking for a way to reset a PXI chassis via IP address using the command window on a windows PC. I know MAX for instance can reset a PXI. The RAD tool can also reset a PXI. So there must be a command, does anyone know if it is exposed through an API for instance?

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Hey CJHammond,


It sounds like you have already done some digging online, but is this more of what you are looking for?


Can My PXI or PXI Express System Be Turned On Using An Ethernet Connection?


Remote Power of a PXI Chassis


It is worth noting that only certain chassis support this option


I hope this helps. If you are looking for what exactly needs to be sent over the network to make this happen, there is an example vi attached to the first article that may provide some insight. As far as doing XYZ in the command line to sleep / wake the chassis, I don't there is much documented on this at the moment.



Sam R.
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  Work had me on travel, so apologies for the slow response. I knew about the reset pin on the backside of the PXIe, don't know why I forgot about it. Most likely I was hoping for a pure software solution. Thanks for not only replying but supplying two different possible solutions. I am going to have to think about if I can use either method. Hardware changes can be problematic at this point in development. I have to think on WOL. Going  to mark it as solution.

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