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Cannot Detect PXI Peripheral Modules in MAX (Windows 10, PXI-1042, PXI-1031, MXI-4)

Dear all,


I am struggling for a few days to put back in service two (not so) old PXI chassis using PCI / PXI-8331 (MXI-4) remote controller on a Windows 10 PC (Dell Precision Tower 5810). The problem is that the internal modules of the chassis are not visible in MAX except the MXI card.

Missing modules.PNG

Chassis have been booted before the computer with a sufficient delay. Same behaviour is observed for both chassis, independantly of the internal modules arrangement (try several different modules at different locations without success, modules are PXI-6123). One of the chassis was tested on a old Windows XP computer and is well detect along with its content, so I guess it related to computer and / or OS.


Installation is quite new, with latest version of all required softwares (PXI Platform Services and DAQmx) :




Versions are more recent than the one listed in NI documentation (comptatibility chart stop at 20.0 for PXI Plateform, I also try to downgrade to these versions without any results).


PCI bridge appears without issue in the peripheral list of the OS.


Périphériques 1.PNG


Périphériques 2.PNG


Services seem fine too.




I have no red light, PWR is green on the chassis and on the PCI card, TX is amber on the PXI chassis and everything else is black (including LNK led).


I also try to reset the MAX database and to regenerate the two .ini files under C:\Windows.


Any ideas ?


Best regards

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Worth trying






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Hi Pierric,


You should have green PWR and LNK LEDs on both sides. When you don't it means the hardware isn't linked, so that's a big problem. The solid TX light means the board is trying to find a link partner.


"Sufficient time" between powering up the PXI chassis and the host PC is nearly 0, certainly less than one second. I don't recall a timeout for that hardware, but you don't really need to wait to power up the PC as long as it's after any/all chassis are powered up.


One handy trick in device manager is to select the "NI MXI-4 Connection Monitor" then View -> Devices by Connection. Windows will show a hierarchical view expanded to the device that was selected, which means you can easily find the devices behind it (none right now because the link is down).


Anyway, the summary is that you need to get the link up. Focus on that -- swap hardware/cables, test in other PCs, etc. Once the link is up we can see where things stand.


- Robert

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Many thanks for your help !

I will dig in the two links you provided.

I also try with an other computer just right now (another Windows 10), exactly the same behaviour (same LED pattern, and same results on MAX).

I have a other MXI-4 PCI card, I will try to exchange as it is the only thing I haven't swapped for the moment.


Edit : typo

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