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Can we use non-NI s/w with PCI-1407


I am a student at Univ of South Florida, Tampa. We have PCI 1407 card & Measurement & Automation explorer s/w that we use to acquire images from camera (Pulnix, TM-0200, B/W) and display the image on computer screen.
My question is, can we use a s/w which is not developed by NI with PCI 1407card?
There is a image capture s/w (webcam32) available on the Internet that can be used with any image capture card/image capture camera that is compliant with Microsoft's video for windows. So, does PCI-1407 card support Microsoft's video for windows?

Thanking You !!
Mayur Pangrekar
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At this time the PCI-1407 does not support the Video for Windows driver. The only way to access the 1407 is through the NI-IMAQ driver. This driver comes with a comprehensive API that can be used to integrate your acquired image into another software package. Perhaps if you could give me a big picture view of what you're trying to accomplish, I would be better able to answer your questions.

Kyle V
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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