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Can the channel wizard be used with PXI?

I would like to use the Channel Wizard to assign names to various DAQ channels, as described in the Quickstart Guide. But Channel Wizard knows nothing about our chassis or the cards in it, so it lists no devices. Is it possible to use this feature with PXI DAQ cards in a PXI chassis?
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If you are talking about an E series PXI DAQ module, then you should be able to select it when you run the Channel Wizard.

This is assuming you've installed the PXI daq module properly so that the DAQ module is listed under Devices and Interfaces in Measurement and Automation Explorer. If your PXI daq module is not showing up there, then verify your installation steps at http://www.ni.com/support/daq
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Hi Raecina,

The docs you listed seem to only concern PXI chassis running windows. We are using LabviewRT with the RTOS on the chassis - so there is no monitor, no keyboard, etc on the chassis itself. Since the RT OS is headless, there is no other way to intereact with the chassis (that I am aware of) except to upload software to it. The host computer knows nothing about what is inside the chassis (since it is only connected across the network). I assume this is why no devices show up when Channel Wizard is run on the host computer.

Is this useful feature just absent for RT users, or is there something I am missing?


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