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Can an ATI force/torque sensor be used with PXI 7358?

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I have a PXI 7358 controller card and I'm looking to get a Mini40 force/torque sensor from ATI (manual: http://www.ati-ia.com/app_content/documents/9610-05-1017%20DAQ.pdf).


The force sensor manual says that I need to use an NI M-series or E-series DAQ card. The force sensor output looks to be analog voltage on a 68 pin connector. I know the PXI 7358 has a few analog inputs, but less than 68. Does anyone know if the PXI 7358 can be made to work with this force sensor?


Or, what is a good PXI DAQ card that will work with this force sensor?



Thank you.

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Accepted by topic author matthewg

Hi MatthewG,


You will need some sort of breakout to separate the pins that are the analog output pins of the torque sensor.  After you have this, you can use the 7358, also with a breakout, to connect the two.

Stephen Meserve
National Instruments
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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your help.

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