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Can PXIe-4353 be calibrated without using CAL-4353

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I am using PXIe-4353 with the terminal blocks TB-4353. I am trying to calibrate the PXIe-4353 board and have read through the calibration guide for PXIe-4353. This process requires a voltage/resistance calibrator ( FLUKE 5520A ) and a calibration accessory ( CAL-4353 ) Can the calibration process be done without the use of CAL-4353 and FLUKE 5520A. 

Can we use a thermocouple calibrator and NI DAQ to calibrate PXIe-4353. 


Thanks !

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I tried using a temperature calibrator ( Martel PTC-8010 ) for the verification procedure of PXIe-4353 and the modules that I tested were within the acceptable ranges even though the self test in NI MAX shows that it has been two years since last calibration ( must have been factory calibrated ).


I wanted to know if there are any modules that fall out of the range and needs calibration, then can it be done with just NI DAQmx ( without using CAL-4353 )


Thanks 🙂

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Hi Hprasan, 


As stated in the calibration procedure for the PXIe-4353, the equipment listed includes the CAL-4353 as one of the recommended accessories to conduct this procedure (see page 2). It does not list that it is required, and if you have a similar calibration accessory that will execute the same functionality for the calibration, then you should be able to verify and adjust the module appropriately. 

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Thanks paigec,


I found a channel calibration setting in the tasks in NI MAX and it allows me to calibrate (without using any calibration equipment attached to the PXIe) and save individual channels ( pic attached ) but does not change the external calibrtation of the PXIe.

I used only the temperature calibrator that sent in a reference voltage to the PXIe and the calibration was done virtually maybe?

so in order to do an external calibration, is it necessary to have a Calibration device ( CAL4353 or something similar ) ?


Thanks again !



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Accepted by topic author Hprasan

Right, the additional calibration accessory would be used for an external calibration. 


You're welcome!

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