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Can I Use SHC68-C68-D4 Digital Cable Instead Of SH68M-68M EPM Multifunction Cable?

My team and I are working on an automated test station and we need to connect our PXIe-6345 board to a RTI of our SLSC module. We expect to use only analog inputs of our 6345 board, but the entire I/O is being connected to our SLSC in case of a need for future adjustments. Currently we don't have the suggested SH68M-68M EPM cable and we're a little pressed for time so we were wondering if there is any chance that our SHC68-C68-D4 cable could do the trick? Connectors are the same (VHDCI), that much is simple, but we're not sure about the internal structure and damaging the equipment is something we don't want to risk. We just need a way to pass the signals from one device to another and any regular bunch of wires wrapped in a cable would do.

Thanks in advance

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It depends on your application. The SHC69-C68-D4 has all the even number pins shorted together (in two groups) while in the SH68M-68M EPM there are not shorted pins. You can verify it with a multimeter.

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