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Calibrating PXIe-4353 using CAL-4353 and a temperature calibrator (Martel PTC-8010)

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I am trying to calibrate PXIe-4353 modules. It is currently being used to read temperature values from thermocouples (J-Type).

In the calibration guide for PXIe-4353, it is mentioned that a calibrating accessory CAL-4353 is required to change the calibration values of PXIe-4353 and the method mentioned is to use a voltage/resistance calibrator to send in reference voltage and a reference resistance to the CAL-4353 connected to PXIe-4353 and verify and , if required , change the the calibration constants.

We currently do not have a voltage/resistance calibrator but instead have a temperature calibrator (Martel PTC-8010). The input reference temperature from the PTC-8010 goes through the PXIe-4353 can be read in the system.

Is there a method to calibrate/adjust the calibration constants of PXIe-4353 with just the temperature reference.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks and Regards 🙂


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I just got the CAL 4353 module and connected it to the PXIe-4353 and NI MAX recognized the module.

I thought that the calibrate tab mentioned in the manual would appear in NI MAX but it doesnt .

Also the computer does not have Labview installed in it. Do I need to have Labview installed in order to do a calibration of PXIe-4353.


Thanks in advance.

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and I just found that MARTEL PTC 8010 can output 70mV that can be used as the high precision voltage calibrator. 




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Have you walked through the NI MAX calibration for a thermocouple task?


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Hi Red.free


Thanks for the reply 🙂


I did the calibration through NI MAX but it is mentioned that this type of calibration is only per task, and does not apply to the board.  It is not a permanent calibration technique, and is not stored in EEPROM.


So this needs to be an external calibration and I am stuck in a step where I am unable to open a calibration session..

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I see…

What language are you using to interact with the 4353 instead of LabVIEW?

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I am using LabVIEW to interact with PXIe-4353 and found that I need to combine several VIs ( in DAQmx palette ) to do a calibration session.

I will try to build that VI and update 🙂

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I built a VI using  DAQmx Initialize External Calibration VI,  DAQmx Connect SC Express Calibration Accessory Channels VI,  DAQmx Adjust 4353 Calibration VI and DAQmx Close External Calibration VI. I made the connections as shown in images attached below. When the action is set to cancel and I run the VI, no error occurs. But when the action is in 'commit', error 201368 pops up that says - Invalid number of calibration adjustment points provided. Use DAQmx Adjust Calibration to provide calibration points for the device.


I am not sure how to proceed.Any help would be appreciated.




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Before we go down the road of troubleshooting code, are you able to Self-Test NI MAX?

Where is the error coming from? When you probe or use highlight execution, does everything work until the DAQmx Close External Calibration.vi?

If you don't commit the data do you get the same error?

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Thanks Red.

I am able to do a Self-Test in NI MAX.

The error is coming from DAQMX Close external calibration VI as the action ( Commit/ cancel ) is a control linked to that VI. I used highlight execution and this error pops up only if the action is set to "commit". When the action is set to "cancel" the VI runs without any error.

Since the error code 201368 says - Invalid number of calibration adjustment points provided,  I suspect that There should be more than one reference point for the calibration to be "committed" . I am currently inputting 70 millivolts as reference and running the VI.


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