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Burst generation for PXIe-545x waveform generator series



How can I control the PXIe-5451 AWG to pulse sine bursts using the NI FGen tools in LabView?


Different examples show how to generate continuous or standard waveforms, such as the  FGen Function Generator.vi. Such VI works perfectly, however I am wondering what is the best practice to produce a burst of just a few cycles? There are other forum threads on this topic, but none of them clarify this and those topics are mainly related to function generators and not waveform generators. Further, the other examples provided on bursts generation are not compatible with PXIe-545x series.


I think the best way to answer my question would be to modify the FGen Function Generator.vi (or a similar one compatible with PXIe-545x WG series) to accomodate an option to pulse bursts. In particular, I would like to be able to select burst frequency and number of cycles.


Thank you!

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