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Automated Increasing Voltage is not output from the loop

I have to provide increasing voltage (Linear/Logarithmic) into my test board. I created a program in LabView and while the output is visible on the waveform chart that is in the loop but there is no output voltage on the wire terminal. I have PXI4130 and PXI4110 on my PXIe1085 chassis. Is there a need to bring the output indicator out from the loop or it should provide the voltage on the pxi card?

When I take the output voltage indicator out of the loop, I only get the final value. I need rising voltage to be input in my test board at certain time intervals. 

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In your code, you're not using any NI DC Power drivers to control the Power Supplies or SMUs.




Quick primer,

  • To control any hardware, you need to use it's driver functions
  • To control PXI-4110 and PXI-4130, you need to use NI DC Power driver functions


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Oh i am sorry.. I attached the wrong VI here is the one i was talking about.

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