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Arbitrary Waveform Generation



I am a graduate student and I am pretty new to this topic. So, I am sorry for asking too many questions, and some of you may find it pretty straightforward.


I am looking for a Waveform Generator (possibly a 4-channel), what could be possible practices to generate arbitrary waveform (I know there are waveform generators but I have also read that DAQ can do it too, so what would be the difference between the two?). I need to generate a 12-point trapezoidal waveform (voltage (up to 140V) vs time) with up to 15 MHz frequency. So, what would be my option for this? I am thinking of using an OP AMP to increase the voltage output to my required output.


Also, can the waveform generator be used instead of a delay pulse generator to create a delay pulse signal (delay as low as 1 microsecond)? If yes, so what's the difference between the two?

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I think the bandwidth is the key.

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