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Alternative brands?

We are looking at buying a PXI system from NI. Do you know any other supplier that makes similar affordable, reliable equipment, that would be worth to have a look at?


Our intended NI system would consist of:


  • PXIe-4322 AO 8 ch. 250 kS/s
  • PXIe-4300 AI 8 ch. 250 kS/s
  • PXI-6683H sync and time module for locking the sampling to an external, very accurate time source.
  • PXIe-1088 chassis
  • PXIe-8301 Thunderbolt 3 remote controller
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If you are looking at alternative brands for PXI instruments, there are a few in the market (check out http://www.pxisa.org/)

  • Each manufacturer have its portfolio of instruments and specifications
  • Mix and match of manufacturers might make it difficult to develop high-performance automation due to varying driver architecture
  • For the equivalent of 8301 thunderbolt, only NI has such a product

IMHO, if all your requirements are satisfied with NI portfolio, do not think much, go ahead, reach out to NI sales and take it from there about pricing.

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Soliton Technologies
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