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Adapting LabVIEW project from the PCI-7831R to new hardware (specifically the MyRIO)

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One of the projects I am working requires me to adapt a LabVIEW project that was originally written to be used with the PCI-7831R so that it is able to run on the NI MyRIO. I have only recently started working with FPGAs and LabVIEW, and was wondering if it's possible to run code on a MyRIO that was originally written for the PCI-7831R without having to completely re-make the project.

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Create a new target in your project for the myRIO.  You can copy the code from the PCI-7831R target to the myRIO FPGA target.  You will then probably have to fix all kinds of stuff (IO, FIFOs, etc.).

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I have a similar case. Need to update the hardware from PCI-7831R to PCIe-7841R. If I only change the target in the project, will I need any additional actions?

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