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Access same RT program from two consoles

Hi, I have a PXI  RT Target system with multi functioning DAQ card 6363 which is configured for two different HOST systems. I have to READ/WRITE the channel data AI/AO/DI/DO of 6363 from two different HOST PC's simultaneouly. Can i execute .exe from two different consoles/HOST PC's simultaneously for the same controller?

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You can have multiple TCP connections to your RT application.  You just need to code it so you can have multiple connection handlers and they communicate using queues, notifiers, etc. with the main loop that handles the DAQ.

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I dont want to use TCP/IP for communicating between host and target. 

Currently Iam using network streams for the communication between host and target. I have a single PXI controller with PXIe-6363 card. There are two different set of tests to be performed in two different systems. Some channels are configured for running tests related to one system and remaining channels are configured to other system. Both systems will have same RT program. Is it possible to run the tests in both systems simultaneously through EXE? Please clarify. Thank You.

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