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About the NI8174(embeded controller)

As NI-shanghai said, a new series of PXI embeded controller(NI8171 serials) will
be released.Now I want to order the NI8174 module.But I have some questions.
1. The NI8174 has no Floppy Drive,and I can use a USB CD-ROM to reinstall the computer if the operation system,such as windows 98,has some trouble.I don't know how to reinstall the computer without the Floppy Drive. Can the USB CD-ROM start the computer and reinstall the operation system?
2."Up to 256 MB with upgrades, uses the same PC133 SDRAM as the NI 8176 and NI 8175 but operates at 100 MHz " Does this mean the common PC133 SDRAM, which can be bought at any computer market, can be installed in the NI8171 series?
Thanks a lot!

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Yes, there is an option to purchase a USB CD-ROM with the new PXI-8171 series controllers which you can boot from. The controllers also ship with two recovery CD's to reinstall your OS.

The controllers use PC133 SDRAM, laptop size.

Katie Shiels
National Instruments
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