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7976R + AT1212 Implementation with NIFPGA API



I am using a PXI 7976R FPGA module with an Active Technologies AT1212 FAM (pulse generator) for pulsing signals to my DUT. 


The method for implementation is to use the NIFPGA python API to allow for interfacing with already established set-ups.


I've been swimming in the documentation for using the 7976R with the python API, but havent been able to come to a straight conclusion. I was wondering if someone could clarify some implementation questions I had. I have experience with using other NI products (and NI APIs), but am fairly new to NI FPGA implementation.

1. If using the python API NIFPGA, I should convert my hostVI to a python script, correct? Several example VIs from Active Technologies website involve initialization subVIs of the FAM, which include proprietary subVIs. Is there a way to call those subVIs through the API? If not, can these subVIs be run through the FPGA VI?


2. There are also "read/write control" and "invoke method" calls from the FPGA Interface palette throughout these examples. Do these portions also need (or can) to be transferred to the FPGA VI or can I call them with the API? I guess I am confused about what should be compiled onto the FPGA target, and what should be left to the host.


I appreciate any help.






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